West Auckland Interior Painting – A Pro Or DIY – Which Is Better

Interior painting is a hard job. It is even harder if you do not have the necessary skills and tools to do this job correctly. A good repaint of the interior of your home can help improve its appearance.  A poor paint job on the other hand will look terrible, and, when you see the flaws, it will look worse each day.

You Save Time

West Auckland Interior Painter
West Auckland interior painter

Professional painters can save you a lot of time. A professional painter will take a few days to complete a job that can take you several weeks or even months to finish. If you are working full time, you will probably be tired when you get home at night so can only really tackle the painting work at weekends.

As you are either rusty or unskilled in interior painting, it will take you much longer to get the work finished. You will have to hire proper access equipment, prepare the surfaces thoroughly – sandpapering, cleaning, filling and smoothing holes, and that’s before you even start the actual painting. If you are like most people, it will even take you a long time to get started!

Hiring a professional West Auckland interior painter gives you more free time. Most people have better uses of their limited free time than painting. If they have a family, sports or hobbies, most people would choose those over interior painting.


Professional interior painters have all the tools for interior painting jobs. They use the best tools to do a perfect job. Also, they wear safety gear when working. It is expensive to buy or even hire all the necessary tools and access equipment.

The other key point about tools is that a professional painter knows how to use them. They don’t need to read the instructions, do a test, and then have to refine the testing until they get a good result. A professional West Auckland interior house painter spends all week, month in, month out, using these tools so they will be far more proficient than a keen DIY-er.


It is difficult to come up with new ideas when painting the interior of your house and it is hard to pick the best colours for your rooms. The amount of natural light makes a big difference to the look of a colour. Even the same paint can look very different in various lighting conditions.

A professional interior painter will have more experience than a DIY-er, know not only the effects of light but also how to use contrasting or complementary colours. They will show you the different colours that can suit the interior of your home.


Imagine spilling a tin of paint on your carpet. Even if you have drop sheets, paint can seep through and damage your carpet. It is easy to make mistakes, which can cost you a lot of money when doing an interior painting job.

The good thing is that professional interior painters have insurance that covers the damages that the painters might cause in your house. Check the painter has full insurance coverage before you hire them. Do not hire a professional painter without insurance because it can lead to stressing problems via your lawyer.

Proper Preparation

It takes lots of effort and time to prepare the interior surfaces of a house for painting. Proper preparation is important because it makes the painting job easy and more importantly, poor preparation will result in a poorly finished job.

Professional painters know what they are doing. If you have tried to sand down a door or table-top, you know how hard that is to get it into the correct state for painting. Imagine doing that for all the doors, then the skirting boards.  The window frames are worst of all. Plus, you need to tape around all those surfaces to avoid splashes or painting onto other surfaces.

High-Quality Work

If there is a flaw in the painting, a bubble, brush strokes or a small missed bit, it will stand out like a sore thumb. A professional West Auckland interior painter will know how to avoid making these common amateur errors. You can completely trust professional interior painters to produce high-quality work. Professional painters apply the paint evenly. You will not see runs or splotches of paint in the wrong places. They clean spills while they working. Also, they will completely clean up after themselves after they finish applying paint to the interior of your house. And they will complete the job much faster than you could.

Summing Up

A keen DIY-er will want to spend weeks and create lots of family stress to do the interior painting themselves. They might get frustrated that the finished job has brush strokes or splatters. For most people though, they have better things to do and want to be certain of a good quality finish to any interior painting work.

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