Do you want to add value and improve the appearance of your home?

The first thing people see when they look at your home, whether visitors or potential buyers, is the standard of the exterior paintwork. It is obvious from the very moment they arrive, if the house has been cared for or allowed to go into disrepair. A good-quality West Auckland exterior house painter might be the answer to your problem.

Mairangi Bay

Add value to your home

Mairangi Bay

There is no doubt that having a good-quality exterior house painting job will add value to your home. Any real estate agent will confirm that the initial curb appeal is one of the biggest selling points, whether for price or speed of sale.

To maintain and protect your home and add value to your house, it is a good idea to have the outside painted every 8-10 years. If you have a stained wood finish, then every 3-5 years is better.

Mairangi Bay
Mairangi Bay
A membrane coating on plaster.

Pride In Your Home

But the standard of the exterior paintwork of your home is not just for visitors. You will want to live in a house that you are proud of. Imagine coming home to a great, new exterior paint job on your house. A fresh coat of paint from expert professional West Auckland exterior house painters can do that for you. New colours or a new coat of the existing colour scheme will do wonders for your house making it look like new, and make you feel good too.

External House Painting – Protecting Your Home

The sun in New Zealand is notoriously harsh on many surfaces. That includes exterior house paints too which can easily crack and bubble. By having regular external house painting, not only will you add value to your property, but you will help to protect your home against harsh New Zealand weather conditions. We recommend that you have the outside of your house repainted every eight to ten years.

Long-life Protection With The Best Exterior Paints

At Colourworks, over the years we have tried and tested all the main brands and types of exterior house paint. Now we only use the best exterior house paints in New Zealand, designed especially with our tough weather conditions in

mind. Resene is the only brand of paint that we recommend to our customers. Their paints last longer, have more stable colours, and, while being a bit more expensive, they certainly give better value for money.

Deciding On The Paint Colours For The Exterior Of Your House?

There is a bewildering range of paint colours to choose from. It can be overwhelming, so if you are having trouble deciding which paint colours to choose, we can help with a free

colour consultation to help you pick your perfect colour matches suited to the natural light of your home and achieving the finish you are looking for.

Exterior Painting Commercial Buildings

We also undertake exterior painting of commercial buildings too. Whether it is a factory unit, a workshop or a medical centre, we can help. Under your lease, you will probably have to repaint the external parts of your building at regular intervals. Landlords

can be sticklers for this and be very strict that you adhere to the terms of your lease. If you getting to the time to renew the exterior painting of your commercial building or roof painting, please call us for advice and a quote.

Exterior House Painter

For all external paintwork, commercial or residential house painting, on the North Shore or West Auckland exterior

house painting quotes and enquiries, please feel free to contact us or call 027 426 5687.

Project progressed smoothly with no problems at all.
The finished paint job has restored the splendor that the original architect and builder would have envisaged. I am delighted with the result, and have no hesitation in recommending Andrew and Colourworks to anyone who is contemplating such a project.
David Jenkins
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