Should you Hire A Professional Painter To Paint Your Home?

Painting and decorating. The easiest way to spruce up your home. Some people love the idea of being able to do some good, old Kiwi-DIY but for others, the idea is a nightmare. For those people who are on the fence, thinking about doing some painting and decorating themselves, here are five good reasons to hire a professional West Auckland house painter.

Lack Of Time To Do House Painting

There is a lot more involved in painting your house than just simply rolling on a fresh coat of paint to your walls. A good paint job requires a lot of prep work. This will include jobs such as repairing holes and imperfections with filler. Then you have to sand that down so that it is smooth with the wall. The next job is thoroughly cleaning the walls with sugar soap to remove grease and other grime. Then you need to prime the walls before you even start any painting. Then you need to protect areas on the wall like light switches and window frames so that you don’t get paint on them. A good paint job will also probably need two coats especially if you are going over a darker colour. A good house painting job, therefore, takes a lot of time. If you are short on time to do a good job, then you should strongly consider hiring a professional West Auckland house painter to do the job for you.

Guarantee For The Work

If you decide to do the painting yourself and make mistakes, you will need to fix your own errors. This can range from spilling paint onto floors, to not cleaning the surfaces properly so that the paint peels or doesn’t have a good contact with the wall. However, if you hire a professional West Auckland house painter to do your painting for you, any flaws of the job will be corrected by them. The job will get done right and any mistakes or errors will be professionally corrected.

You Don’t Have The Necessary Professional Tools

You can buy brushes, rollers and other painting tools from a hardware store so you can repaint your house yourself or you can hire them. But the reality is that those consumer tools are not the same quality as professional painting and decorating tools. For example, many professional house painters these days don’t use rollers for painting walls but instead they use sprayers. These are much quicker and also give a much better finish.


If you need to paint ceilings, or you are planning on painting the higher outside parts of your house, then you will be exposing yourself to dangers from working high off the ground. One of the biggest causes of domestic accidents is falling off ladders. To do a good, and safe paint job requires correct trestles, platforms and scaffolding for external painting jobs. A professional painting company will have the right access equipment for getting to the higher, more difficult parts.

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Knowing How To Use Painting Tools Properly

Even if you buy top quality brushes and rollers, a professional painter doesn’t attain their level of skill overnight. It takes a lot of dedication, practice and learning to become a good house painter. Anyone who has used a paintbrush knows how hard it is to not leave brush marks on the painted surface. And DIY painters always leave marks or wobbly lines where they try to meet another wall or ceiling. This is called cutting in, and is a tell-tale sign of an amateur job compared to a professional house painter’s work.

Summing Up – Well-Meaning Amateur Versus Professional West Auckland House Painter

Painting your house is a major project, and arguably is the task that most affects other people’s perception of your home. A poor or even average house paint job will not compare in quality to an experienced house painter’s painting work.

Besides the finished quality, trying to do it your self will take much longer, require you to buy expensive tools, hire proper access equipment for safety, and on top of that, you don’t have a guarantee of the work.

A good house painting project takes a lot of attention to detail, patience, and time. However, if you are thinking about a house painting project it can make your life a lot easier if you contact a West Auckland house painter for a chat and a pricing estimate.

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