Repainting your home can make it feel completely different. Bright new colours. A fresh look. What’s not to like?  The work!  Painting is not an easy task especially if you only have weekends to work on the job.  The solution?  Hire one of the West Auckland interior painters and decorators.

Why Hire A Professional Painter And Decorator?

The Amount Of Disruption

To begin with, painting can be a messy job. Your home will be turned upside down with furniture removed, drop-sheets covering the floors, and ladders or trestles around the room. You will even have paint odours. Regardless of who does the work, these are unavoidable.

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A significant difference and benefit of hiring a competent interior painter over a well-intentioned DIYer is that the specialist will be much quicker. How long do you want your home to be in a state of disarray for two weeks or two months? If you are trying to do the job yourself at weekends, it will likely to be closer to two months. If you hire a pro, the disruption will be far less.

The Standard Of Finish From West Auckland Interior Painters

As an amateur, you have few chances to learn and then hone your painting skills. Consequently, the quality of the end product will be sub-standard.  You will see streak, drips, and uneven paint on the surfaces. If you don’t prepare the walls properly, you will also see small indentations on the wall surface.

Professional interior painters have trained and practiced for years to avoid those common problems that novice house painters always seem to produce. There is no doubt that a professional painter and decorator will produce a much better end-result.

Having The Right And Best Tools

Besides the skill, training and practice, another reason a pro will do a better job than an amateur is they have the right tools for the job. They will also know how to use them.

In recent times, the top interior painting companies have started to use a sprayer instead of brushes.  A paint sprayer is far more efficient than a brush or roller, which means they can get done with projects much faster now too. It also uses less paint therefore saving you money.

Deciding On The Colour Of Your New Paint

When you look at the various colour charts from the different paint manufacturers, the choice can be daunting.  Who knew that there were so many shades of white?

Another problem with choosing a colour for your walls is that you cannot be sure how it will look in real life. Colours on a chart can look remarkably different in situ on your walls.

One solution is to talk to an experienced painter who will be able to advise on colours for your rooms to achieve the results you want. They can also tell you how the light in your rooms will affect the ultimate colour.

Where Do You Find Good West Auckland Interior Painters?

Redecorating your home is not a small job. Neither is it a cheap one.  Therefore, you don’t want to hire a poor-quality painter. So how do you find a good internal painter?

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These days it isn’t hard to find one since you can do an Internet search on Google for a “West Auckland interior painter”. You will see the standard search results but you can also find reviews of potential painting companies and their services. If a company has had positive or negative feedback from previous customers, you will be able to find out very easily.

Once you have a short-list, you can look through their website for testimonials. The experience of previous satisfied customers will give you a good sense of the quality of painting contractor you are looking at.

Be Sure You Know What You are Getting

As in all industries, pricing can vary widely so get a sense of how much an interior painting business will cost you. Ask for a written estimate that includes specifics about what the painters will do and how long it will take them to complete the job. Colours, paint styles, spaces, and any other work to be done, should all be defined in the estimate.

However, remember that the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily the best one. There’s a good reason why services are cheap.

Instead, look for the best value for your money. Think about the total cost taking into the amount of time they will take, the inconvenience they will cause, and their reputation.

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