Advantages and Disadvantages Of Hiring A West Auckland Interior Painting Contractor

You might be looking around your home thinking it looks a bit drab, the colours look a bit dated, or the woodwork is marked and chipped.  It’s time to repaint the inside of your house. Now you have two choices; paint the inside of your house yourself or hire a West Auckland interior painting contractor.

Pros and Cons Of Hiring A West Auckland Interior Painting Contractor

Painting can be a messy and a skilled job which might suggest hiring a pro to do the painting for you. On the other hand, Kiwis love their DIY so going to BBunnings to buy some paint and brushes might appeal to some people. Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring interior painting contractors

Benefits Of Using A Professional Interior Painting Contractor

They Know What They Are Doing

West Auckland interior painter
Interior painting contractors West Auckland

A professional interior painting contractor has been trained to know what to do and how to do it. They are implementing and practising their skills full-time, every day. A keen DIY-er on the other hand, may not have any previous experience and will be learning as-they-go. From this one point alone, it is clear that the professional has a distinct advantage over an amateur interior painter.

High Levels Of Professionalism

The painting job is going to be highly visible to you, your family, and any guests that might visit therefore, you will want to have a good quality painting finish. A professional interior painter will:-

  • know how to prepare the surfaces so they are smooth and do not show imperfections,
  • they will clean the surfaces so that the paint sticks and does not bubble,
  • will not leave brush strokes in the finish.

Therefore, if you decide to hire a painting company to do the job, you can expect high levels of professionalism in the finished product. Further, if there is something that you are not satisfied with, you can ask the painter to fix the problem. They will know how to do that whereas, your spouse or friend might not know what to do to correct any imperfections.

Timely And Cost-Effective

When you decide to do a painting job yourself, you will realise, too late, how much work there is involved in the whole process. As you struggle to sand the existing painted surfaces properly, or strip old wallpaper, you will discover how much time it actually takes. It is far more than simply painting a wall or doorframe. The time can easily extend from days into weeks especially if you are working during the day so only have evenings and weekends to do the work.

This disruption to family life can become a strain on domestic bliss.

A full-time painter will have the skills, knowledge and tools to make the whole job much quicker than you ever could.

A painting contractor, while costing you actual money, will save you lots of time and be a more cost-effective solution than doing it yourself.

Good Quality Paint and Materials

Although you might have an idea of the colour of paint you want, there is more information to learn about paints. A professional painter will have experience in selecting the right matching paint colours. They will also know how to make your rooms appear lighter or roomier by using the right paint colour combinations.

There is a wide range of types of paint on the market. Which should you choose? A painter will know for certain which type of paint to use for each situation.

They will also have the right types of brushes and modern spraying tools that use less paint and give a better finish. They will also already have ladders, platforms and drop sheets saving you the cost of hiring those items as well.

Disadvantages Of Hiring A Painting Contractor

There are lots of people calling themselves “painting contractors” and hiring a painter isn’t something people do very often. You might end up with a poor-quality painting service.  Below are some disadvantages of booking a professional painter.

No Standard Fee

Since each house is different, size, layout, access, it is difficult to have a standard fee. It’s not like a WOF for your car. And with little experience in selecting painters, that makes it difficult for you to know if the potential painters are charging you too much.

It is a good idea to get a range of quotations and a good rule-of-thumb is to discount the cheapest. If someone wants to undercut, it suggests they are desperate for the work. Instead, compare the top two and ask them to say why they are better than other painting contractors in West Auckland.

No Standard Warranties

A painting job will always come with unseen issues like spillage, need to take more time, and so on, which may require you to spend more. Unfortunately, unprofessional painting contractors rarely come warranties to cover such mishaps. They should have insurance coverage to protect themselves, their staff and any damage to your property.

They will also most likely offer to rework and imperfections and may offer a guarantee or warranty.

Low-Quality Jobs

While some painters have undergone industry training to become expert painting contractors, others just learn on the job. That means you might be hiring a lower-standard painter. They might do a rush-job, with a poor finish.

To mitigate against this, ask any prospective painting contractor to provide you with references or testimonials of painting work they have done.


Interior painting can be an interesting but time-consuming and stressful DIY project. Alternatively, you can make it a lot easier on you and your family by hiring a good West Auckland interior painting contractor to do the work for you.

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