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Five ways a fresh coat of paint can boost your business

The ability to see colour is something we evolved to survive. It’s why green is the colour with the most shades perceptible to the...

house painter with a brush and ladder

Preparing for the arrival of professional painters

Getting your home ready for the arrival of professional interior painters can save you time while leaving the painters free to concentrate on the...

5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your House Paint in Good Shape this Summer

Keep your house looking immaculate with these 5 maintenance tips. Your exterior house paint will look great and you'll feel amazing.

Why is plastering important? Strength and Beauty

New Zealanders, particularly Aucklanders, may prick their ears at the words’ plaster’ and ‘home’ used in the same sentence, but in truth, the gulf...

West Auckland interior painting

West Auckland Painters and Decorators – Save Time And Stress

Repainting your home can make it feel completely different. Bright new colours. A fresh look. What’s not to like?  The work!  Painting is not...

Want a Bright New Look To Your Home? Henderson Interior Painter is the key.

Update The Look Of Your Home – Use Henderson Interior Painter Maybe your children are now grown up and you want to get rid...

Project looked wonderful when completed.
The project went very well and looked wonderful when completed. They worked long hours just to complete the job for me so I could move into the property as soon as possible as I was staying with family whilst the job was undertaken.
Shirley George
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