Update The Look Of Your Home – Use Henderson Interior Painter

Maybe your children are now grown up and you want to get rid of grubby marks from little fingers or stains left behind from your teenagers. Alternatively, you have had the same colour scheme in your house for a few years. Perhaps you feel like you are starting a new phase in your life and want some changes in your home.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change and freshen-up your home is to paint your interior walls.

It could be a new coat of paint of your current colours or you could choose a completely new and stylish colour scheme. Updating your home and the way it looks with a superior-quality paint job will make your home feel like new.

The questions are: What to paint and who will do the painting?

Transform The Way Your Home Looks With Interior Painting

It’s surprising the dramatic way you can change the atmosphere, size, and the feel of rooms in your home with a few coats of paint.

You can also make significant changes when using paint in a creative way like highlighting one of your walls to make a feature of it. A complementary or contrasting colour can change a space or room completely.

But what colours should you choose?

You may have noticed a colour that you really like on a TV renovation show or one of the design magazines. The problem is that you don’t know how that colour would look in your own home.

You need to talk to an expert in colour matching and positioning. Just because a colour looks good on TV, that doesn’t mean it will look good in your house.

The different natural light and orientation of the house can have a major effect on how a colour looks. But a highly experienced professional interior painter can advise on your colour ideas and how to match different paint colours.

We have years of experience in painting houses in many different orientations, shadows and internal angles. We can give you our thoughts and ideas on your colour choices and how they would look in your own situation. We can assist you in choosing the right colours for your workplace or your home with our free colour consultation. Click on this link to schedule an appointment.

High-Quality Interior Painting Materials

After years of experimenting with different types of paints, we only recommend Resene paints. These paints offer colours that are more stable, they last longer, and are easy to apply and work with.  And being easier to work with means the job will be easier to finish for you.

Wallpaper Hanging And Decorating

Henderson Interior Painter

Not everyone wants their house painted so in addition to our interior painting service, we also offer wallpaper hanging. Paperhanging includes stylish wallpaper from slick modern to vintage chic designs. If you are looking for a design pattern to flow from one room to the next, wallpaper may be the best choice for you.

With so many designs on offer, wallpaper can help you to achieve a focal point-of-interest in either your workplace or your home.

For some rooms, a combination of wallpaper making a feature wall with brand-new painting can make a huge difference. This room is a good example of some work we did. Even a small wall like this, when it is given the right treatment, can stand out and make a strong feature statement to your room.

If you are thinking of redecorating or would like some advice on painting ideas, I am happy to come and chat with you. For more details, email us at [email protected] or contact us on 027 426 5687.

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