Auckland Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting is a very broad category in terms of different buildings, types of painting requirements and reasons to have a building painted. Whatever your need or Auckland location, we can help.

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Commercial Buildings We Paint

We can help you whether you have a single level unit or a multi-storey building. Whether you need a a new fitout, change of style or simple repainting we can help.

Commercial painting jobs we can help with include:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail premises
  • Schools
  • Medical clinics
  • Offices, internally and externally
  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Apartment blocks

Our experienced team of painters can make your building look terrific.

Types of Painting

Besides the different buildings, there are numerous types of commercial painting too. Companies, organisations and enterprises all have a range of needs for painting commercial buildings. These can include:-

  • Internal painting or redecorating
  • Office fitouts
  • Office reconfigurations when businesses merge, expand or reorganise.
  • Building conversions such as converting warehouses to apartments.
  • Repairs such as damaged roller doors or walls
  • External walls and surfaces
  • Roof painting
  • Exterior painting doors and windows

Having your commercial or industrial premises painted in a timely manner is important to keep your operation running smoothly. With our experience, we can help.

Reasons For Commercial Painting

There are plenty of reasons to have your office, shop or commercial building painted.  These range from preference to requirement. For example, you want to present a good image to your customers and prospects. A shabby building with peeling paint will not do that, and more likely will turn off customers.

Other reasons you might need commercial painters include:-

  • Rebranding might need a change of colours
  • It is a condition of many leases to repaint regularly
  • It protects your building from the harsh Auckland sun.
  • If you own the building, it preserves the value of your asset

Whatever the reasons you have to repaint any commercial building, we can help.

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