How To Choose A Professional North Shore Interior Painters

Almost any room or home will look better with a fresh coat of paint. It might be because the existing paint is tired and old, or maybe you want to have a completely different change of colour. Whatever your reasons for wanting interior painting, it will be a big task.

To some people, painting is a simple job and can be done by an intermediate DIY enthusiast. But, for those looking for a top-class finish, especially if you own a large home in one of the more expensive suburbs on the Shore, they will want to hire a good North Shore Interior Painters.

If you are looking for a true master to handle the interior painting of your home, the following article can help you choose a good quality professional painter to give you superior results.

Professional Reputation

North Shore Interior Painters

The best way to begin is by asking people you know who have used an interior painting company that has given good results. Word-of-Mouth is always the best way to find a supplier.

Alternatively, these days you can see what other customers think of a supplier by looking at reviews on Google or other online review websites.  Be sure to read some of the comments that have been posted.

Portfolio Of Previous Work

A good interior painting contractor will be more than happy to show you examples of their previous work. Most likely, they will want to show you during your initial consultation with them. Ask to see examples of their previous painting projects.

References For A North Shore Interior Painters

Once you have a short-list, it is a good idea to take up references, just like employing someone at your place of work.

Most painters will have a list of references that you can contact as well. They will be a list of satisfied customers from previous interior painting jobs they have completed.


A big interior painting job will take some time, perhaps even weeks, to complete. When you invite a prospective painter to look at your job, notice how punctual they are. This is likely to be a good pointer for their overall behaviours and professionalism, a sign that your painting project will be handled in a timely fashion.

Attention To Detail

When a paint job is done just right it will withstand the closest of scrutiny. You can gauge their level of professionalism by noting their take on the project. As they inspect the walls they are aware of every small problem with the wall? Are they taking notes and asking questions?

A professional painter will address bubbling or peeling paint, fill in nail holes and any indentations so watch if they are paying attention to those imperfections.

Again, you will be able to check their attention to detail by asking their references and looking at their portfolio.

Ideas About Paint Colour And Light

While you might have some ideas about the colours you want to have in your home, an experienced interior painter will be able to advise you about colour matching and contrasts. It is amazing the difference that professionally selected colours can make to a room.

This is especially so when you take into account the natural lighting in the room. What might look good on a colour chart will look quite different on a whole wall and under your localised lighting conditions.


Make sure that any potential painter has insurance coverage. Spilled paint can cause a lot of expensive damage to your carpets.

They also need to have insurance coverage against injuries and third-party damage or injury. This is called Public Liability Insurance. If the painter does not have this cover, you are liable for any third-party injuries so double-check that the painting contractor is covered.


Finally, make sure the painter you will be working with is a pleasant and amicable person. Remember, they will be in your home for what could be weeks. If you have young children at home, you want to be sure that the painter’s language is not inappropriate, and that they are polite at all times.

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