Tips For Looking For A North Shore Painter and Decorator

If your home is looking a bit tired, or you are simply bored with the current colour scheme, you might be thinking about redecorating. The next question is: Do you do it yourself or do you hire a professional painter and decorator?

DIY Decorating Or A North Shore Painter And Decorator?

There are few simple questions to help you make the choice between DIY or hiring a painter and decorator.

Do You Have The Time?

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How much spare time do you have to do a thorough redecorating job? If you are working during the day, you probably only have weekends to do the work.  If an experienced team of painters and decorators will take ten days to decorate your home, assuming a team of three, that’s about 120 hours.

If you have 16 hours available at the weekend, that’s 15 weekends or almost three months. But given an amateur does not have the same skill, experience or tools, you could easily double that. So, do you want to donate the next 30 weekends to decorating?  Will your family cope with the disruption?

How Good Are You At Decorating?

All jobs look easy when you see a seasoned pro doing it. When you come to try, it’s a different story.  The paper doesn’t hang so easily. You can’t keep it straight.  The paint edges aren’t even.

A poor decorating job will stay in your home for years. Those errors will stand out like a sore thumb and you will always be reminded of them when you see them.

Do You Have The Right Decorating Gear?

Painting a decorating requires more than paintbrushes and a pasting table. The initial preparation is essential to a good job. You will need to be able to strip, finish and clean the wall surfaces perfectly.  Then you will need access equipment which is expensive to hire.

You will need a series of paintbrushes, good cleaning agents and the skills to do it properly. (Hard paint brushes?).  These days, professional painters and decorators use spray guns for a faster, higher quality, lower-cost job. Do you have one or can you use one?

A pro will have the latest and most efficient equipment as well as the skills to use it.

It makes sense to hire North Shore Painter and Decorator.

Tips for Choosing the Right Painter and Decorator

Given that it is more sensible to hire a decorator than DIY, how do you choose a good one?

Ask People You Trust for Personal Recommendations

If you know of any close friends, family member, colleagues, or neighbours who have recently hired a painter and decorator, ask them for a personal recommendation. Word Of Mouth is the best way to find a good company.

Ask the Potential Painter and Decorator Questions About Their Services

Ask the painter and decorator to take you through all aspects of a decorating job. Reputable painters and decorators will be keen to answer your questions. They will be happy to take you through their process and explain what they will be doing.  Less capable painters may be a bit reluctant to go into details.

Look for A Painter and Decorator with Lots of Your Type of Decorating Job

Painters and decorators work on different projects. As such, it is good to look for a painter and decorator who has the experience you need. If possible, ask the painter and decorator to show you some of the work they have done in the past or ask people. Most will have a portfolio of previous work they will be more than happy to show to you.

Read Online Reviews Of North Shore Painters And Decorators

These days we have the benefit of online reviews. These can give you a good insight into the work and behaviour of a particular painter and decorator. Some people are never satisfied and will give a negative review for little reason.  Use your judgement and look for a painter and decorator with more positive reviews than negative reviews.

Compare the Prices Charged by The Different Painters and Decorators

Often, the least important factor in choosing a good North Shore painter and decorator is the price.  Other issues like quality of work, adherence to time schedules, politeness can be serious points to take into account as well as the price factor.

However, we recommend that you collect quotes from at least three painters and decorators. We are not afraid of the competition because we know we can do an outstanding job for you.

Finding the right painter and decorator will not be a daunting task if you follow these tips. Remember to take your time and avoid choosing the first painter and decorator you come across even though it may be tempting to do so.

If you have any painting and decorating work on the North Shore, we would be very happy to visit you to discuss your ideas and options.  You can contact me on 027 426 5687. I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Howell.

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