Spots & Stains

Cleaning stains might not be as hard as you think. One easy method is with warm water and a bit of mild detergent or soap. Simply mix the ingredients together and apply using a rag, sponge or even a paper towel. You’ll be surprised at how many stains you’re able to remove just by rubbing them.



Mould and mildew often show up around parts of a property that are damp and don’t get exposed to a lot of sun. Bleach is your best answer here. With the right mixture you can easily get rid of your mould issue without damaging your paint. If you don’t like the idea of bleach, you can try vinegar, borax and some other branded products.


Pressure Washing

Keeping your house exterior clean is a great way to keep your paint looking fresh. Using the garden hose or, ideally, a pressure washer on a controlled setting that is strong enough to remove stains and debris, but not so powerful it damages your home helps keep your paint looking as good as new.


Clean Gutters

It might seem obvious, but if your gutters are full of debris, they can overflow and create stains on the exterior paint of your home. These stains can be some of the harder ones to remove and result in the exterior of your house looking dingy and in need of a new paint job. Prevent this by cleaning your gutters regularly.


Caulk & Sealant

Giving your house a once-over check for cracks and peels in your sealants and caulking is a good idea. If you find any cracks and peels, remove the old caulk using a putty knife, clean the surface and apply new caulk. Leaving cracks to grow can result in water leaks and costly damage to your home. But keeping on top of these will keep your paint job looking great and save you cash in the long run.

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