Getting your home ready for the arrival of professional interior painters can save you time while leaving the painters free to concentrate on the job at hand.

Move and cover furniture

This is perhaps the most crucial step when it comes to preparing your home for interior painting. While some painters might move the furniture themselves, that will take time away from painting. Plus, they will not, as a rule, be responsible for any damages.

Therefore, it’s best to move all the furniture out of the way before the painters arrive so that they have plenty of space to work. If you have items that cannot be moved due to their size or weight, cover them with plastic sheets or drop cloths to prevent any paint flecks from falling onto them (as your painter if they supply these).

Remove electronics and appliances.

The next thing you need to clear are electronics and appliances. At the very least paint could drip on them and ruin their look. At worst, paint could get into their sensitive parts and destroy them.

If you have any electronics or appliances in the room that are fixed to the walls such as a TV, stereo system, or mounted ceiling fan, consider removing them before the painters arrive, as you would the furniture, or at least cover them.

Take down wall hangings

If you have any wall hangings such as tapestries, artwork, or photographs, remove them from the walls before painters arrive. The painters will need to remove them regardless in order to paint the wall beneath them. There’s no guarantee that the painters will handle them with care, despite their best efforts.

Clean up your clutter

Cleaning up your home before interior painting is a good idea since it will allow the painter to move around the rooms without hindrance. Moreover, it’ll make it much safer. If you have things laying around, the painters could trip, leading to a massive spill or even an injury.

If you lack the space to clear things entirely, group them together and move them away from wherever the painters are working at that particular moment.

Protect soft furnishings

It’s important to remove soft furnishings such as curtains and shades. Remove all window coverings such as blinds and shades so that the painters have access to the walls. This is a step many forget because although they’re detachable, blinds and curtains often fade into the house, so to speak.

Vacate the area

Last of all, you should keep yourself, your children and your pets out of the way of the painters. Anyone who isn’t painting shouldn’t be in the rooms being painted. They will be a distraction and could cause accidents. Leave pets outside, or if that’s not possible, create a safe space for them in a spare bathroom or other low-traffic areas in your home.


Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all a home needs, but like all things worth doing, it requires a little effort. With keen preparation, you can ensure that your painters carry out their tasks and leave your home looking great. Now that you know how to get ready, all you need to do is to get on the phone to make an appointment.

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